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When Choosing Clothes for Baby Go Organic in Any Season

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on August 06 2020

When summer peaks, you know what clothing feels best on you. The last thing you want against your skin is a scratchy, confining fabric that does not breathe well. Before long your thoughts will turn to the possibility of changing into something else that will offer some sense of relief.

Babies will feel the same discomfort wearing inexpensive synthetic pants, shirts, or rompers; they just can’t tell you in so many words. That is why it is important to dress babies in comfortable, durable clothing just as you would yourself. Don’t stop there, however. Consider putting clothing made from organic materials at the top of your list. Choosing the right brands of affordable organic baby clothes will both provide those important wearable qualities, but also the health and safety benefits inherent to clothes made from organic fabrics.

The Nature of Organic Cotton

Organic fabrics are ideal for infants, who are more sensitive to chemicals in general and off-gassing in particular. Cotton, while grown before being harvested for fabrics, may be sprayed with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is spared this fate, so the dangerous products do not make their way into the manufacturing process. Consider, too, that some clothing contains formaldehyde, a particularly harmful additive; you will not find it in organic clothing.

Organic cotton, in particular, is a wonderful multi-season clothing fabric for outdoor activities. The material provides cooling ventilation and sweat-wicking properties to help your baby feel more comfortable in the summer. Also, organic cotton baby clothes are comfortably warm in the fall and winter, where synthetic fabrics can scratch and chafe.


baby summer clothing

Backyards have become increasingly important play zones for caregivers watching over young babies. Areas may include wading pools and plastic toys scattered on soft lawns. Some of Matisaurus’ organic baby clothes brands feature outdoor essentials for those splash zones. Vibrant Bermuda shorts, summer and tank tops from Indikudual would appeal to a West-Coast surfer in search of cool looks. Early in the morning or later in the day, Turtledove London layering tees will warm young ones when they may otherwise start to feel chills.


organic clothing for fall

As Fall approaches, look for organic clothing solutions that provide warmth as well as comfort. Form-fitting long-sleeve shirts perform well under bib overalls. Minabulle dungarees are convenient since they are easy to change into and remove as needed; even though they are thick and heavy, because they are made using organic cotton, they are pliable. When a bit more warmth is called for, slip on a Huxbaby Ink Play terrycloth sweatshirt.


winter clothing

The younger your child, the more concerned you need to be about keeping their core body temperature optimal. Apply layering strategies when taking them outdoors. Explore Little Green Radicals outerwear to find cold-weather solutions. For example, combining a reversible Sherpa jacket with a Sherpa hat, Sherpa scarf, and cotton mittens will create a protective shell for the most vulnerable.


It can be challenging to find a large selection of baby clothes constructed entirely using organic cotton fibers. It is worth the effort to do so, for when you can dress your babies in them in any season, you can be sure they are comfortable and safe.