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How To Buy Clothes for Your New Baby Boy

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on November 17 2020

When you’re planning for the arrival of your new baby boy, the list of things to do is endless and often confusing! Even choosing the right clothes seems like it requires a new vocabulary, especially if you’ve never been a parent before now. Read on to learn how sizing works for baby clothes, what types of clothes you’ll need and how to care for them.

Understanding Sizing and Fabrics

Baby clothes are usually sized according to age rather than physical size. While this should simplify shopping, babies aren’t necessarily the same size just because they’re the same age. Many parents who purchase a whole wardrobe of newborn-sized outfits find that there are several inches of variation in the clothing’s dimensions. Worse yet, even though there’s a common belief that babies will grow out of their clothes quickly, all babies grow at different rates. You might never have a chance to dress your baby in their adorable newborn clothes – or they might wear them for months.

You can plan for several outcomes by picking up some items sized for newborns and some for three- to six-month-old babies. Once you discover how fast your baby will grow and how big they are, you’ll have a better idea of what size clothing to buy in the future. Whatever sizes you need, look for organic baby boy clothes from cute brands like Finn + Emma, Little Moon Society, and Hux Baby that use natural, breathable fabrics. Organic fabrics are better for babies because they’re less likely to irritate their sensitive skin.

Understanding Sizing and Fabrics

Planning for Activities and Weather

Your baby boy won’t be able to regulate his body temperature as easily as the adults around him, so it’s important to make sure you have suitable options on hand for the weather where you live. Clothing that’s too heavy or tight may also trap heat, leading to sweat, irritation and rashes. Natural fibers like bamboo and cotton are always your best bet for comfortable baby clothes. In addition to shirts, pants and onesies, you’ll want to consider purchasing:

  • Cold weather gear like jackets and hats
  • Swim trunks, sun hats and sunglasses
  • Special outfits for occasions or photography

You won’t need all of these outfits at once, but you’ll feel ready for anything and much more relaxed if you have outfits on hand for the next several months. Plan to pick out sleepwear as well; soft organic baby pajamas from organic clothing specialists like Matisaurus will wrap your baby boy in comfort all night long, helping you keep sleep training on track.

Keeping Baby Clothing Clean

Keeping Baby Clothing Clean

Baby boys are sweet and energetic, but as most parents know, they also have a knack for dirtying clean laundry in the blink of an eye. You want to take care of your little boy, not his clothes, so look for durable, machine-washable options that will hold up to repeated trips through the laundry cycle.

After investing in sensitive-skin-friendly organic clothes, you won’t want to undermine your efforts to keep your baby’s skin healthy by using harsh, fragranced detergents. Fortunately, keeping things clean doesn’t mean you have to commit to the strongest laundry soap you can find! Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free options are available at most grocery stores, and many are fortified with gentle cleansing enzymes that dissolve dirt and stains without leaving behind irritating detergent residue. If you notice that your baby’s skin seems especially sensitive, you may want to run his clothes through a second rinse cycle after washing. 

Shopping for your new baby boy’s wardrobe should be exciting, not overwhelming! When you know what you need to buy, you can worry less about getting him the right clothes and more about picking outfits for him that you love.