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The First Birthday Checklist

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on October 29 2019

Your baby is turning one, and that’s so exciting! It can be stressful, too. Of course you want his first birthday to be the best it can be. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure it’s a day you won’t forget and it can help you keep your cool.

 The First Birthday Checklist



First birthdays can feel overwhelming, with all of the guests, presents, activities, and munchies. Plan everything with your baby's needs in mind. Don’t schedule the party during his naptime, or no one will be happy!


Choose a time when your little tiger loves to be active, and everyone will have a good time. Make sure you make time for a few clothing changes here and there, because the festivities can get messy!


Choose a Theme

 Choose a Theme

A good birthday party theme really brings it all together. You don’t have to go overboard with the DIY. Plenty of stores have themes that you can purchase featuring animals, characters, and more.


If you do want to do a few extra things for your boy, look to Pinterest, Etsy, or other social media for inspiration. If you’re not a design expert, that’s fine, too. Chances are there are some easy DIY solutions out there perfect for your party.


Make sure you match your baby’s organic clothing to the theme. It could be dinosaurs, dogs, or his favorite color, but make sure you have extra Huxbaby essentials on hand for messy cakes and diaper blowouts.


Stay at Home


Don’t overwhelm yourself with a location-based birthday party for a one-year-old. He will feel much more comfortable around all of those strangers if he’s in his own house. That gives you the freedom to put him in his crib for a bit of quiet time if he starts to get overwhelmed.


It also makes it easy for you to change his clothes if something happens to his first outfit. By staying home, everything you need is right at hand. You won’t have to mess with a giant diaper bag full of supplies among all of the other things you’re keeping track of.


Choose Finger Foods


It’s a birthday party for a one-year-old. Choose foods he can eat, too! Make sure you feed your guests a snack, but make it fun for everyone. Set the food out on the table where everyone can reach and make it kid friendly. If you want a few snacks that are more adult oriented, those can go on a higher counter out of sight of small bodies.


Having a party during a meal time is hard, but if you would like to provide a meal for everyone, plan ahead to make sure you have everything you need, or have it catered to make it easier.


Keep it Simple

 Keep it Simple

Not everyone will want to sit through a three-hour party for a one-year-old, especially other one-year-olds! Keep things moving. Give people time to chat and dote on your little one, but then start in with presents and cake to give people the opportunity to leave early if they want.


Make sure you have designated people to take pictures for you, because you’ll be busy. This way you can focus on keeping the party rolling while someone else commemorates the day for you.


Dress your baby in his organic best and let’s get this party started!