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Prepare for Thanksgiving with Organic Clothing

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on October 23 2019

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. That’s easy to do if you have a brand new baby! A lot happened this year that you can be thankful for. Celebrate your new bundle of joy this Thanksgiving by dressing him in the best organic clothing you can buy.


Whether you’re taking family photos, doing a holiday shoot of your little one, or getting together with friends and family, you have a chance to make your baby boy even more irresistible in soft, organic clothing that is simply adorable.


You can make your baby’s first Thanksgiving more memorable than ever with these cute ideas.


Record a Video


If you want to begin making memories for your baby to review when he’s older, try making a Thanksgiving video for him to watch. It’s a great keepsake that lives on even after the moment by capturing sound along with the image.


You can record things like your baby’s reaction to a huge turkey, eating his first bite of mashed potatoes, or napping with Grandma after their giant meal. If you are willing to pass your phone around the room and ask others to capture video, you may also get some great shots of you with your baby.


These are special memories you’ll want to cherish forever. Just don’t forget the extra outfits in case he enjoys his food a little too much or he has an accident. Huxbaby organic essentials are the perfect solutions to keep in your diaper bag all the time in the event that you need a change of clothes while you’re out. And keep a baby sweater on hand in case things cool off. This will keep him cute and comfy all day.

 Prepare for Thanksgiving with Organic Clothing

Start a Tradition


If you don’t have any Thanksgiving traditions, now is a great time to start one. Your baby will grow up remembering these moments from childhood more than any others. Take the time to go around the table expressing thanks for your blessings.


Volunteer as a family to bond with those who are less fortunate or give back to the community. Once again, dress your baby in the cutest organic attire so he’ll be comfortable and everyone will love having him come along.


Give Baby a Taste

 Give Baby a Taste

You can’t have Thanksgiving dinner and not share it! If your baby is big enough to try solid foods, give him a taste. Let him feel the textures of the foods by putting it in front of him instead of feeding him with a spoon.


Thanksgiving is full of soft foods that he can squish and suck like pumpkin pie, squash, potatoes, and gravy. Make sure to get photos of these events and then have a change of clothes for afterwards. He’ll be a mess! But you might want to skip the cranberry sauce that first year – it's too sharp and acidic for many babies.


Don’t Focus on Perfection


Things with babies never go the way you expect. There’s no need to focus on too much perfection, or you’ll only be disappointed. Learn to go with the flow and pack extras for the ride.


Sure, you picked out the perfect outfit for the occasion, but pack a few super cute extras, just in case. It’s normal to have to change a baby a few times, but as long as you celebrate with pictures and videos throughout the day, you’ll always remember the cute outfit.

 pack a few extras

Make time for a nap, enjoy each other’s company, and relish the organic clothing that makes it all possible.