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My First Blog Post

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on November 07 2019

I’d like to start off this blog by introducing myself... Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am the owner, buyer, and social media manager of!

I am a first time #boymom with another son on the way. Oddly enough, I always knew I’d be a boy mom! I've been telling people for years that I think I am going to have 3 boys. Its just an intuition that I have always had.

I do admit that I hope to have a girl one day (my husband and I hope to have a pretty sizeable family!) but there is something undeniably special about a mother’s relationship with her sons. My son Mati has fulfilled my life in a way that I never knew motherhood would...

Ok, before I get super sappy and emotional (I am pregnant after all) I’d like to say that shopping, business and marketing have been passions of mine since I was old enough to drive myself to the mall!

I love love love clothing. I’ve worked in brick and mortar retail since I was 16 and corporate e commerce since I was 21. 

I started this business when I realized how difficult it was to find cute clothes for my little boy! It seems like men and boys have this issue where fashion is not given the same amount of love and attention as it is for girls and women.

You can call it ignorance, bad business or just plain old sexism but I am NOT here for it when it comes to my little boy! I want options! I want CUTE clothes!

So, the old adage is true. If you want something right you gotta do it yourself.

I hope you enjoy shopping  at my store as much as I love curating it for you.


 Mati in nadadelazos with matisaurus background