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How To Create a Baby Shower Gift Basket

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on July 09 2020

One of the most practical gifts to give an expectant mother is a basket filled with baby necessities. However, it's often not a lot of fun to hand over a basket of diapers, wipes, and bottles. Instead, use the following tips to put together a beautiful basket filled with both fun and practical items.

Choose a Theme


You can choose a color, type of animal, time of day, or specific baby need. Maybe the expectant mother has a specific hobby or tradition you'd like to reflect with the basket. Some cute themes that have been popular lately include bath-time, ballet, woodland animals, jungle animals, wildlife, princess, explorer, fishing, and baskets for dads.

Choose the Container


With a theme in mind, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the basket. For example, if you want to put together a bath-time basket, choose an infant tub as the container. If you're focused on baby clothes, blankets, onesies, socks, and other layette items, pop everything into a small laundry basket and add some baby appropriate detergent. A large wicker basket is a traditional favorite, but some shower guests have delivered their gifts in storage items, such as a decorative box, braided rug basket, or simply a rectangular basket that can be placed within reach of the changing area.

Understand the Parents' Preferences

It can be uncomfortable to present an expectant mother with a kit of adorable bottles and formula only to discover that she plans on nursing the baby. It's okay to call ahead of time and ask questions about how she feels about organic items, pacifiers, or cultural traditions. When you know ahead of time, you can purchase affordable organic baby clothes and steer away from materials that the new parents hope to avoid. If you're not comfortable asking the new parents, ask the person throwing the shower for suggestions.

Consider the Contents of the Basket

Many gift-givers line their basket with tissue baby, a towel for the new baby, or a snuggly blanket. With your theme in mind, you should also establish a budget. It's very easy to get excited about the many options that'll go into the basket. With a budget limit and your theme in mind, create a list of the things you want to buy. For example, if you want to pamper the new mother, include lotion, breast pads, lanolin cream, and quick snacks to boost her energy.

Combine Practical and Fun

Every baby needs diapers and is sure to go through them quickly. This means that diapers are almost always a welcome addition to gift baskets. However, once you've picked up a package of reusable or disposable diapers, consider pairing them with bath toys, some favorite books, and a cuddly stuffed animal. Pick out some of your favorites from a special baby clothes online boutique to complete the basket.

Put It All Together

With all your supplies ready to go, it's time to load the basket. Use items such as burp cloths and diapers to fil the bottom of the basket and support the cuter items. With everything tucked into its place, use ribbons, bows, large wood letters, and other finishing touches to make the basket look beautiful. Add a card with a sweet message and make sure it is positioned where the recipient will see it, but it won't fall out. At this point, you can choose to wrap the entire basket with clear plastic or leave it open.

Ultimately, most expectant mothers will be grateful that you attended the shower or left a gift of any kind. However, it can be a lot of fun for you and for the new parents when you take the time to create a beautiful gift basket.