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For Baby: When Only the Best Will Do

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on August 03 2020

Bringing home a new baby can stir lots of excitement for first time parents. This big event also brings lots of questions and challenges. A new parent wants to do everything just right, but eventually finds parenting is a learning experience often filled with many hits and misses. But not to worry, as there is definitely one area a new parent can make the right choices straight out of the gate, and that's by providing the best threads to swaddle against baby's sensitive and tender new skin. 

Matisaurus offers affordable organic baby clothes in many different colors and styles. From newborn to toddler, you'll find everything baby needs for nap time and playtime. While baby is tiny, swaddle your precious being in a soft footie pajama by Baby Noomie. For time outdoors, equally adorable is a smiling leopard print onesie by Tun Tun. As baby grows, so do your options for style. 

If Dad is cool and hip, he'll want baby to reflect his sense of style. This can be achieved in a raglan retro tee, such as the Beastie Boys Sold Gold Hits or Zappa for President original print. Both of these fun tees are made by Rowdy Sprout and like everything else at Matisaurus, they are machine washable.

When mom wants junior to show off her softer side and appreciation of nature, she can take baby out in an adorable Sunshine Seagull tee created in 100% organic cotton and made by the UK brand Little Green Radicals. This brand has offers dressier and cute little button ups as well as every day tee sets

Matisaurus is a baby clothes online boutique offering everything from Babiators sunglasses to darling crotch pants by Huxbaby. Turtle Tour harem pants would be great for baby's first play date, and they're just one of many choices for organic cotton baby clothes you'll enjoy choosing from. 

The brands carried by Matisaurus are reflective of their priorities. Take this blue striped orca romper by YPorqué as an example. Made of 100% cotton, emblazoned on the front it reads, "Keep Orcas Wild & Free." Sustainability for the earth is as important as ease of care for mom, and Matisaurus understands this. 

Affordable organic baby clothes are not only fun to shop for, but they're one of the best gifts you can give your young one. They're durable but earth-friendly. They're natural, yet colorful. Above all, they're comfortable and stylish so baby won't feel restricted or inhibited as he or she explores the world and gets to know family who will always be there providing love and protection. 

Other fun brands offered at Matisaurus include Indikidual, Nadadelazos, Little Moon Society, and Turtledove London just to name a few. 

Everything from this baby clothes online boutique will instill as sense of earthly pride in your growing human. Care for the planet must start young, and by shopping at Matisaurus, you can teach your little one the importance of supporting companies who produce materials sustainably, affordably, and while maintaining quality.