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Dress Your Baby Boy Right From the Start

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on October 21 2020

When you hold your baby for the first time, you will realize how delicate he is. Instead of clothing him in something rough or synthetic, consider organic cotton as his first and only fabric.

Cute Clothing for Boys

Wherever you look, either in brick and mortar shops or online, you can often find twice as many cute outfits for girls as for boys. Fortunately, Matisaurus is baby clothes online boutique just for boys

The selection of clothes features super-cute patterns that go beyond the boring, expected colors or styles, with outfits from Turtledove London, Baby Noomie and many more. Best of all, there is an entire organic cotton section with fun designs for infants, toddlers and older boys.

Cute clothing for boys

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Organic clothing is preferable for everyone, but especially for babies. Organic cotton is free from pesticides or any toxic chemicals like bleaches and dyes. Because infant skin is much more porous than an adult's, these harmful substances can be easily transferred into your child's body through his skin.

Affordable organic baby clothes help protect your baby's sensitive skin and avoid common infant skin ailments like eczema. Organic cotton is better for the environment, too.

Seasonal Wear

While this year may not allow for big family gatherings or even trick-or-treating on Halloween, you can still find perfect holiday outfits for the new boy in your life. As the seasons turn from summer to fall, take a look at the wonderful autumn designs and winter snowsuits from brands like Indikidual and Hatley.

There are also Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah baby hats. If you can't gather with your family and friends during the upcoming holidays, you can at least take loads of photos of baby in his cozy clothes. Maybe he can even do his first Zoom meeting for the occasion.

Baby seasonal wear


There is not much point in clothing your child in organic cotton, only to have him spend all night sleeping on nonorganic sheets and blankets. 

You don't need to be overwhelming trying to pick out an entirely new collection of baby bedding. Think about what will be next to his skin the most and concentrate on buying organic for these items. Onesies, pajamas and his favorite baby blanket are the most important items to be when it comes to choosing organic materials.

Adult Wear

You may not have thought about this, but when holding your baby, he is resting his face and head against whatever you are wearing. Although organic wool is usually an excellent warm choice, a baby's delicate facial skin can develop a rash from touching wool. Also, be careful of necklaces with sharp edges or fuzzy materials like angora. The tiny bits of fluff can get into an infant's eyes and cause irritation. 

In the end, you may find it best to dress in organic cotton shirts and sweatshirts yourself. That way, you'll have less chance of skin irritation for both you and baby.

Thanks to Matisaurus, your baby can be stylish, warm, and surrounded by soft and comfortable organic cotton, which is just what he deserves.

Baby organic wear