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Beyond the Registry: Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on July 06 2020

As a best friend, sister, mother, or grandmother, you may wish to go beyond the registry and gift the mother-to-be something truly unique for her new bundle of joy. While you should certainly use the registry to guide your purchase decisions, think outside the box to find something that is more than just a practical gift, but rather, an item that will become a lasting keepsake. Below are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Organic Cotton Clothes

Organic baby clothes

It’s not difficult to find cute baby clothes. But finding cute baby clothes that are great for the environment and a newborn’s skin? That poses more of a challenge. Shop organic cotton baby clothes that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and that are gender neutral. With adorable designs that include bananas, armadillos, dinosaurs, zebras, and skateboards, just to name a few, you’re sure to find a one piece, T-shirt or jumpsuit that will put a smile on Mom’s face, and that will up Baby’s cute factor.

Diaper Caddy

Life with a newborn is hectic. With wipes here, diapers there, and diaper cream MIA, the act of changing a diaper can quickly turn into an exhausting challenge that even the toughest Ironman contestants would opt out of. Make life easier on Mom and Dad with a diaper caddy that keeps all the essentials in one, easy-to-access place. Bonus: The trendy yet neutral design automatically upgrades the style of any nursery. 

Organic Baby Food Cookbook

Organic Baby Food Cookbook

Organic baby clothes brands aren’t the only ones that care about the planet and new babies’ well-being. Several forward-thinking chefs out there have collaborated to bring new parents healthy, homemade food options that ensure little ones enjoy a nutrient-rich and wholesome diet from infancy through toddlerhood.

Diaper Backpack

Forget the diaper bag. Moms these days hail the diaper backpack. Whether the mom-to-be is a laid-back, down-to-earth, adventure-seeking woman or a chic, high-heel-wearing powerhouse, there’s a backpack out there that will suit her unique lifestyle, style, and organizational needs. Diaper backpacks may seem compact upon first glance, but a thorough inspection will reveal dozens of useful compartments for all the baby essentials, including diapers, wipes, bottles, changing pads, soiled clothes, and everything in between. While you might wonder, “can’t Mom just use a regular backpack,” know that she could, but then she wouldn’t have access to the built-in pacifier clips, insulated bottle bag, or the handy wipe dispenser that so many diaper backpacks come with.

To the Hospital Box

To the Hospital Box

Some Moms-to-be have the foresight to pack hospital clothes for themselves ahead of time. Many others, however, focus so much on what to bring for their new bundles of joy that they forget to think about themselves. This leaves them with two options after baby is born: Wear the clothes they arrived in or allow hubby to pick out outfits for all those hospital pictures (the latter is almost worse than the former). Give the new mom in your life a third option by putting together a to-the-hospital box on her behalf. Include stretchy, soft clothing that is just as cute as it is comfy. She’ll thank you for it when she can welcome in guests and smile for the camera with confidence that she looks good doing so.

Baby Blanket

baby blanket

A baby blanket is a timeless baby shower gift, and for good reason: When a baby uses one enough, it becomes his or her comfort item. As the baby grows older, that comfort item is sure to become a cherished keepsake that both mom and child will treasure forever. If you want to gift a keepsake, consider gifting an organic cotton baby blanket.

If you’re particularly close to the mom-to-be, think outside the box and gift her with something that shows you put considerable thought into the purchase. If you’re struggling with creative ideas, use the above list to guide you.