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Answering Your Top Questions About Organic Baby Clothes

Written by Jennifer Zimerman


Posted on October 23 2020

When you have your first child, your friends and family throw you baby showers where you receive tons of clothes. While you can't control these gifts, by buying organic cotton baby clothes from Matisaurus, you prioritize your baby's health as well as the good of the planet. 

What Are Organic Baby Clothes?

What Are Organic Baby Clothes?

You're probably used to hearing about food being organic, but anything that uses materials grown in the ground can receive this classification. Items that are called organic generally do not contain the following:

When you buy affordable organic baby clothes, you get products that use cotton grown organically. The farmers refrain from using pesticides to keep bugs away from the cotton plants and practice ethical and sustainable farming.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes?

Because organic cotton baby clothes are produced without pesticides, they are better for the environment than standard cotton clothes. Though pesticides are intended to kill harmful insects, they often also kill spiders, birds, and other critical members of the surrounding ecosystems.

The chemicals can get into nearby waterways and groundwater, contaminating people's drinking water and ruining aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, pesticides damage the soil, making it hard for farmers to sustainably produce plants in the same area. You can mitigate these harmful effects by choosing baby clothes that are made organically.

In addition to these benefits for the Earth, choosing affordable organic baby clothes also helps your baby. Newborn skin is extremely sensitive, since it has never been exposed to the sun or other harsh elements. Non-organic clothes often include heavy metals such as antimony and lead and hazardous chemicals such as chlorinated benzenes. To keep your baby's skin free from these damaging chemicals, avoid clothes that are not certified organic.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes?

What Options Are Available?

Picking out baby clothes is one of the most enjoyable preparations for giving birth. You may think that when you decide to dress your baby in organic options, you give up most of your choices. However, the organic clothes industry is big enough that you can dress your baby in just about any outfit you want.

Choose between different brands, such as Turtledove London and Little Green Radicals, that offer a variety of colors and patterns. If you're planning to spend more time than usual outside this winter because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, don't forget organic outerwear such as snowsuits and coats. 

What Comes Next?

What to do after you've picked out a selection of organic baby clothes

Once you've picked out a selection of organic baby clothes from Matisaurus to keep your child safe and warm, it's time to tell other people about your new lifestyle. That way, when holidays and birthdays come around, your friends and family know that you prefer clothes from brands that treat the Earth and their consumers with respect.

Though becoming a parent is exciting, it's also stressful. You want your baby to be as healthy and comfortable as possible, but there are so many obstacles to achieving this goal. One of the simpler ways to ensure your baby's health is to only buy organic cotton clothes.